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Tiffany in Saint Petersburg, Florida  

I have always been very skeptical towards western medicine and have leaned towards a natural approach of healing. My health began to decline this past year and it was impacting my quality of life greatly. I was experiencing hormonal imbalance, undiagnosed allergic reactions, terrible bloating, flatulence, acne, body odor and fatigue. It got to the point where I could no longer continue treating myself and that’s when I found my healer Dr. Ryan Monahan. I can honestly say that his practice has changed my life. I no longer am hindered by these ailments and experienced relief from my symptoms in less then a month by implementing his treatment plan, lifestyle and diet recommendations. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in this field but is also compassionate, empathetic and has values that align with my own. He stresses the importance of in-depth lab work and an individualized treatment plan based on those findings. I really appreciate this because traditionally treatment plans, cleanses etc.. are one-size-fits-all which isn’t the case and can cause more harm than good. I have learned a wealth of knowledge about my body and what it needs to thrive through this experience. I am forever grateful for Dr. Ryan’s support during a very stressful time of my life. I recommend him to anyone looking to embark on the journey of healing or to replace your typical general practitioner for a more natural and conscious approach when ailments arise and intervention is needed.

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Tawney in Costa Mesa, California 

I had extreme bloating and digestion issues that drastically subsided just after the first week of being on Ryan’s suggested protocol. I love how insightful and easy my experience has been with the whole functional medicine process. Ryan is so helpful and educates you along your journey. You can email him at any time with questions and he gets right back to you. Becoming aware of my test results and how they are affecting my everyday life has been very helpful. Also, becoming familiar with the labels of the food you’re eating and realizing “healthy food” is not always as it appears. Whereas traditional western medicine feels like a business and is a one-size-fits-all approach, in my experience, functional medicine has been more personal and thorough, not a one-size-fits-all plan. They don’t try to cram medication down your throat, where you feel it might fit their financial agenda. The final straw for me with western medicine was going to the doctor and expressing my health/pain concerns and them putting me on a pharmaceutical medication that affected my mental state drastically. I was fed up with the answer always being getting on a drug and not actually finding out the problem or fixing that. All the medications they prescribed to me had horrible side effects and they never tried to educate me on how to fix it with proper nutrition or vitamins/supplements.

Claire in New York City, New York 

I reached out to Dr. Ryan Monahan after suffering with a low grade fever for 3 months following a (likely) bout of COVID. Within 3 days of taking his herbal teas my fever had broken and I slowly began to regain my strength and energy. I then began to explore the root cause of my constant bloating and sluggish digestion through a variety of lab-testing. I now am empowered by the knowledge of what my body needs for optimal health.

I hold such gratitude knowing Dr. Ryan exists as a source of knowledge (and kindness) throughout life’s challenges.

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Alex in Los Angeles, California

I've seen Ryan routinely over the last year for acupuncture, herbs and cupping. He's treated me for Hashimoto's Disease, Chronic Active Epstein Barr Virus, hypothyroidism, post-hospitalization for negative reactions to treatment, marathon 102 degree fevers, stomach issues, joint pain, lack of menstruation, etc. and he has been the only person to successfully relieve me of symptoms and improve my blood-work results. I've been struggling with illness most of my life and have had every treatment you can think of, and several opinions from doctors without any success. He seems to always know exactly how to treat what I'm experiencing. I'll never be able to quantify my thanks for him with words. He's also the most kind and compassionate person and has quickly become one of my favorite people. The highest of recommendations.

Justine in Los Angeles, California

Ryan is a talented comprehensive healer; he will ask all the needed questions to understand and pinpoint (literally) the roots of the pains. His comforting and gentle strength makes you feel at ease right away which is sine qua non for healing, i.e. trust. I currently see him for various reasons, and after each acupuncture session I see immediate results and physical/mental ache releases (some deeper pains will take longer to heal; patience is key). He lives in harmony with what he thinks, says and does and that makes him the best in his field. His passion and mission for others stand out and it is so refreshing. I can’t recommend him enough!! Happy healing :)

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David in Los Angeles, California

Ryan is an intuitive and highly informed practitioner. I've been to Ryan for a variety of pain related issues and I've never been disappointed. He listens, works with you and your body. A true talent, a wonderful spirit and an amazing healer.

Mekhala in San Francisco, California 

Life-changing. When I first came to Ryan, I wasn't sleeping, eating or even just living well. Ryan fixed all that. He is at once calm and caring, but also focused and results-oriented. We did acupuncture, cupping and he put me on a regimen of herbs that made me feel so energized and just healthy, ya know? Thank you, Ryan. Can't wait to come in for another session soon.

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Nicole in Los Angeles, California 

Ryan is THE most incredible acupuncturist who successfully aided in such a transformation with my overall healing. I was taking pill contraceptive simply to keep my skin clear and hormones regulated- my MD just loves to support big pharma. I just swallowed this everyday and read more about how terrible this is after years of consuming. I saw Ryan for weekly sessions that eliminated any side effects after several years of my body being regulated by this daily pill. He also helped with headaches and neck tension immediately. I am a total convert to imploring all modalities associated with traditional Chinese medicine. The herbs he has prescribed have shortened bad colds and given me more energy and focus than ever. He always discusses overall balance, diet and gives simple suggestions. He gives me stuff to read and comes from an always informed stance. He has helped so much in myself truly becoming a healthier individual with diet, mentality, exercise and complete package. Thank you Ryan!

Zumi in Los Angeles, California 

Regular acu sessions with Ryan resulted in increased energy, more restful sleep, regular BM's, & improved mood (i.e. less angry). Ryan's needling technique is gentle & non-invasive. He offers cupping & is masterful at it! Ryan tailor-makes herbal recommendations for any particular ailment you may have. He has a reassuring table-side manner & his knowledge base is extensive. I'm grateful to count him amongst my most trusted healers!

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Leilani in Los Angeles, California

I had an awful pinched nerve that was debilitating and painful. It was such a relief Ryan was able to fit me in for cupping and acupuncture at short notice. The session was very relaxing and I felt completely better the next day!

Alicia in Los Angeles, California 

I've seen Ryan for shooting pain that I've been experiencing in my right arm and neck since December 2017, I  was losing range in that arm due to the pain. Fortunately for me I was able to get in to see Ryan for an acupuncture and cupping session in January of this year with no problems or confusion. I've seen Ryan four times this year, I feel so much better since my first visit with him. He's very knowledgeable and a great listener. He was able to identify where my pain was coming from and work on those areas through acupuncture and cupping. Ryan answered all of my questions and billing was also easy to work through. I will continue to see Ryan for other ongoing medical problems that I haven't been able to get under control through my primary care Dr's. I feel very hopeful that I will be feeling physically and mentally stronger as the year progresses and I continue on my path to wellness with Ryan's expertise and help. My experience as a whole was very smooth and pleasant. The facility that Ryan works out of is clean and all of the people that work there are lovely. I really felt welcomed and safe in this environment. I would and have recommended Ryan to many people. You won't be disappointed.

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Shasta in Los Angeles, California 

Ryan is my favorite acupuncturist of all time. He is kind and intuitive and really helps me with my menstrual cramps and energy with regular acupuncture and herbs. He is naturally passionate about helping people and he knows his stuff.

Theora in Los Angeles, California 

Ryan is one of the most compassionate and knowledgeable acupuncturists I've ever seen. He goes above and beyond to make sure he meets your needs. I have seen Ryan for over a year for multiple different reasons including: Stomach pain, digestion issues, sleep, anxiety, and mostly muscle pain, specifically in my back and hip. It's incredible the amount of pain he gets me out of in just one visit. I have referred many of my friends to him and I am so grateful to have found such a gem! Highly recommend him for any type of treatment, he is the man!

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Karina in Los Angeles, California

Dr. Monahan is a very knowledgeable, thorough, and comprehensive practitioner. During my very first experience with acupuncture, he made me feel at ease and well taken care of. A very kind and gentle professional. Dr. Monahan really addresses the root cause of ailments and I would recommend him to everyone. Thank you Dr. Ryan!

Julien in Piedmont, California 

I've been seeing Ryan for acupuncture treatment, herbs, and general health council for about a year now. After overdoing my freshman year in college, and struggling with the general existential anxieties that most 20 year olds face today, I came to Ryan for psoriasis and anxiety treatment. I tried topical steroid crèmes, and UV treatment for several months after being diagnosed with psoriasis, which were effective in soothing the dryness and discoloration of the sores, but sought a more permanent treatment for my symptoms. Having previously treated plaque and guttate psoriasis with an acupuncturist in Oakland, I was interested to see how Ryan's treatment differed than my previous acupuncturist. After a brief conversation about my symptoms and overall medical history, Ryan needled and cupped my body for heat in the blood, and general detoxification. For readers who are not familiar with acupuncture, and might be concerned about trying acupuncture, needling is painless if done properly, and releases both heat and tension in the different target areas. It can be uncomfortable if needled on a hair follicle or if the needle is misplaced. Ryan's needling technique was quick and extremely accurate, primarily due to his experience and care in placing the needles. Following my needling treatment, Ryan has been sending me prepackaged herbs in 30 day supply, which can taste terrible but are highly effective. The prepackaged packets make the herb treatment convenient and have a wide spectrum of healing effects. Additionally, Ryan is an exceptional person! His genuine demeanor, positive perspective, and peaceful personality make every moment of his treatment worthwhile. Ryan's expertise in medicine and understanding of health, needling technique, and character made the treatment extremely effective, and relatively inexpensive for the quality of treatment. I highly recommend Ryan's acupuncture treatment, and trust his medical advice.

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Michael in Saint Paul, Minnesota

I have had the pleasure of working regularly with Ryan Monahan over the past few years. I have consistently found him to be a very knowledgeable and caring practitioner.  He listens very well and is extremely sensitive to my concerns and needs. In my case, he has been particularly helpful with herbs (enabling me to sleep soundly through the night), as well as cupping for a troublesome back and more general advice toward healthy living. He is committed to his patients and solving their problems, available when I need him and that has made him my favorite!!

Elizabeth in Kennesaw, Georgia

Ryan is a very intuitive practitioner. My session with him was fantastic. I went for overall maintenance. At the time I was dealing with some emotional stressors as well as just not feeling my optimal self and at the time I actually had a knee injury which he focused on and I felt instant results. He had exceptional follow-up care and gave me a lot of suggestions and advice specially tailored to my needs. I am a firm believer in acupuncture and anytime I'm in California in need of a session Ryan would be the first person I call!

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Nikki in Orange County, California

Dr. Ryan simply cares and it shows. The reason why I believe in his work so deeply is because there is no agenda. He has done his due diligence in researching approaches in all types of medicine, and has found what has actually worked. The reason why I love holistic medicine is because it is not a Band-Aid, it gets straight to the root. Dr. Ryan has simplified health,  he makes the steps to recovering any ailment simple. This is a type of healthcare that strives to truly cure.  I am so grateful that Dr. Ryan is a part of my life and I trust him with every health concern I have. I know that he has my best interest in mind and I know he truly just wants to help the greater good heal.  I trust anything he tells me because I know it comes from a place of education and wanting to help. Thank you for everything that you do!

Emmy in Los Angeles, California

I came to Dr. Ryan after struggling with aura migraines, meaning I would lose my vision and get debilitating migraines way too often. Because everything in the body is connected, my gut was also in desperate need of help and relief that acupuncture provided for me. I was so tired of not feeling well, having migraines that made me lose my vision and miss out on life experiences because of them. I did not agree with taking pills that didn't make me feel well. This process and holistic medicine has taught me patience and self-love. Self-love does not just mean looking in the mirror and thinking positive things, self-love means health and taking care of yourself as well as giving your body the time it needs to do so and heal. Holistic medicine taught me to slow down and really get in tune and listen to my body as well as trust it! I love Dr. Ryan and all that he preaches, does and provides for me!!!!

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Adriana in Los Angeles, California 

I’m so grateful to have found Dr. Ryan in Los Angeles. As an athlete and adrenaline junkie, the health and wellness of my body is important to me. Through acupuncture, cupping and natural herbs, I have been able to heal muscle imbalances and joint pains, allowing me to continue pushing myself to new heights. Holistic medicine approach has also helped me manage stress, anxiety and PTSD without having to go on prescription medication. Continually learning about how everything in my body is connected and being able to heal from the main problem point, rather than just bandaid-ing something for instant relief is very important to me and I fully trust that with Dr Ryan.  

Natalia in Portland, Oregon

 Dr. Ryan has helped me heal from ailments ranging from a back spasm to an injured toe to digestive issues. He’s the first doctor to truly listen to my health concerns and help me resolve them by getting to the root of the cause. What I admire the most about Dr. Ryan is that he takes his time to teach me about how to maintain my health and answers my questions thoroughly, which is something I hadn’t ever experienced from my previous doctors. Additionally, I feel phenomenal after each acupuncture session with him. He has changed my life!

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Elsy in Litchfield Park, Arizona

I became hopeless after many years of seeking answers through western medicine. Doctor after doctor telling me it was all in my head and only pushing pills. I finally came to the end of my rope, and after months of searching finally found a helpful remedy in functional medicine. After several tests, it was discovered that I was dealing with extreme SIBO, which kept me from functioning on a day-to-day basis. Thankfully, with the help of Dr. Ryan Monahan, these symptoms improved after finding out the root causes and treating them with natural remedies. I liked the process of functional medicine because it focused on the root cause and not just treating symptoms, like western medicine. Functional Medicine’s focus and principals were key in the healing process. Its foundation consisted of nourishing the body with diet, sleep, exercise and emotional recovery. Going through this process has taught me to have a healthier relationship with food and how to take care of myself.

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Collier in Los Angeles, California

I have always been a fan of holistic medicine and acupuncture in particular. However, over the years I've rarely come across a Dr. as intuitive and knowledgeable as Dr. Ryan. Over the pandemic my TMJ became almost unbearable due to our collective stress and anxiety over the unknown. Luckily I was introduced to Peaceful Mountain Medicine through a friend and was able to relieve my symptoms, care for my overall health and find greater internal peace. 


Taking care of my body from the inside out is a practice I come to over and over when I'm feeling out of sorts or have a specific ailment that I'm suffering from. Dr. Ryan has helped me understand even more how our overall self care can impact the smaller things and that redirecting energy within the body is a game changer. I would recommend Peaceful Mountain Medicine to anyone looking to improve how they are feeling, thinking and showing up in the world. Rather than taking a pill to mask symptoms, why not tap into our bodies natural and incredible healing powers!

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Kendall in Topanga, California

I decided to seek out Dr. Ryan for the purpose of emotional release and to help relax my psoas muscle. I had seen one prior acupuncturist and I didn't understand what all the hype was about. My experience with Dr. Ryan completely changed my perspective on acupuncture. During almost every session I have had an emotional release. Sometimes I feel physically exhausted afterward because of all the work that my body is spontaneously doing to heal itself through the suggestion of the needles placed in the right places all over my body. Dr. Ryan is very intuitive and gentle in his approach and I trust him to know when to go deeper during our sessions or to take it lightly. 

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Adam in Los Angeles, California

I have been hesitant to write you about this since I didn’t want to jinx it… but today will be the 3rd day since I’ve seen you and the 3rd day of absolutely no symptoms with the eye issue I originally came to you about. I used to experience an episode 100 times a day every day for the last 5 month!! After doing ONE acu session with you it has completely stopped. You have no idea how much this has changed my life. I was so incredibly anxious about it and very depressed at times! I had seen an optometrist, an ophthalmologist, and was so close to going to see a neurologist which I’m sure would have lead to a much longer, expensive, and less natural process (potentially without helping). I just honestly can’t believe it. Thank you so much!!!

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Mahsa in Quartz Hill, California

I enjoyed my first experience with the Functional Medicine process because Dr. Monahan tested everything even though I went to him to address hormonal issues as I have struggled with that for many years. Every time I sought help from other doctors, they just put me on birth control which caused more issues for me in the long run. Dr. Monahan ran numerous tests which are listed on his website. Dr. Monahan explained all the tests and answered all my questions patiently. Dr. Monahan was available via email to make sure he answers all my questions throughout the whole process. I also learned a lot about myself, my body, and I felt more connected to my body and mind while I was following through with the protocol to treat SIBO. I am so glad I finally decided to see a Functional Medicine doctor because for the first time I feel that a doctor helped me get to the root of the problem and I look forward to learning more from Dr. Monahan and continuing to heal my body and mind. He has encouraged me to make changes that I never thought was possible or even necessary with a very non-judgmental, patient, and kind approach.

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Danielle in Los Angeles, California

Finding Dr. Ryan has been such a mind reliever for me. He’s allowed me to focus on getting to the solid facts about my health and not just how I feel externally. His process is completely different than a typical Dr. visit. He dives deep into your health records giving himself a better blueprint for the concerns I had when meeting with him. I have always tried to stay in the preventative lane, anticipating anything that could come up given my family history. Functional medicine allowed me to see inside my body and how it was surviving through specific testing recommended by Dr. Ryan. Some of the most monumental changes for me were removing gluten and certain healthy foods I thought were feeding my body in a positive way. I now have been free of heart palpitations, major panic attacks and heightened anxiety because of Dr. Ryan’s protocol. He is now my main physician as I navigate this wild world and couldn’t be more at ease knowing he’s one of my main doctors that can help me heal naturally throughout my life.

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Stacie in San Diego, California  

Dr. Ryan M. Monahan transformed my quality of life. I am currently battling ovarian cancer, menopause, adrenal insufficiency and hormonal imbalances. Using extensive, specialized testing, Dr. Monahan got to the bottom of the root causes of my health issues. He designed a food, lifestyle and supplemental protocol specific to my body’s deficiencies and needs. He is compassionate, kind and knowledgeable. His healing aura and soothing voice assuaged any fears that I had. He gave me the confidence and the tools that I needed to succeed in my health journey. In a world where Dr. Google can be your worst enemy, he provided me with concrete, scientific results specific to ME and my body. My heart is filled with gratitude. It is with deep appreciation that I recommend him fervently and vehemently.

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 Jules in Los Angeles, California

Working with Dr. Ryan absolutely without question changed my life! After being on a diet since my young teen years, ages of anxiety and several months of feeling sick after most meals, I heard Dr. Ryan on a friend's podcast and knew I had to reach out and work on my health. I was constantly bloated, burping and having stomach/intestinal cramping after I ate for months. I couldn't pinpoint what it was related to as it was just seemingly so random but I knew something was not right! I emailed Dr. Ryan and heard back within 24 hours and we did a chat on zoom. I gave him the full scoop into what had been going on and then he set me up with 3 different tests to get to the bottom of what was going on with my gut health - stool, breath and blood related tests. After receiving the results, he put together a comprehensive review and explained the breakdown of everything. I had non celiac gluten sensitivity and needed to remove gluten from my life in order to stop experiencing these symptoms. I had not received any feedback like this from my GP! He set me up with a paleo 60-day reset for me to get my body back on track and wow did that change my life! Within 2 weeks I felt like a different person and didn't experience any of the symptoms! Within the 60 days, I had lost 10lbs without trying to and felt my life was altered. Almost one year later, I have never eaten gluten again and truly feel this process changed my life. Highly recommend the process and stepping outside of the norm to find a less conventional approach to improving your health!

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