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Tune In: Dr. Ryan Monahan Joins The Fullest Podcast

It was an honor to be a guest on The Fullest podcast, where we chatted about detoxification from a Functional Medicine perspective.

If you're interested in tuning in, you can click on the video below, or the episode is also available to listen to on YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Podcast.

Here's a quick overview of everything we discussed on the show:

  • Detoxification do's and don'ts

  • What detoxification actually biologically involves

  • How the body detoxifies itself

  • The importance of nutrients in facilitating the detox process

  • The best foods, nutrients, vitamins and minerals to support detoxification

  • How to avoid toxins in the first place

  • Paying attention to what you consume at every level of life

  • Why beef liver is an amazing detox food

  • Ancestral diet, organ meats and their benefits

  • Where to source the best foods that support both our health and the health of the planet

  • Healthy marketing terms to be aware of that can be misleading

  • What the best diet really is

  • The "organ meats of the ocean"

  • Focusing on nutrients over calories

  • Why regenerative farming is critical for our future

  • How we have normalized the habitual consumption of a toxin in the form of alcohol

  • The most important things to remove from your life to start healing


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